Frame for the mirror of bamboo - do it yourself

If you have a mirror that does not have a frame, or the look of an old mirror is rather tired and you want to change something, you can, without making special efforts and large financial expenses, give the mirror a new look, and give it a second chance to please you with its a reflection for many years ...

Bamboo frame for a mirror with your own handsWall mirror without rim, you can give a completely different look with the help of bamboo.

It will take:

  • thick bamboo

  • jigsaw-electric

  • polyurethane foam

  • hacksaw and miter box

  • gun mounting syringe

  • glue in tuba

  • masking tape

The trunk of the bamboo, you need to cut along using a jigsaw. Then, using the miter box and a hacksaw, cut the bamboo halves into pieces of the required length.

Having laid the floor with a newspaper, we lay out the bamboo blanks with the inside facing out, carefully fill all the cavities with foam (remembering how hard it is to wash the foam from something), let the foam dry.

Excess foam is cut off
After the foam has dried, cut off the excess.

It now remains to glue the bamboo frame around the mirror, for this we use glue and a syringe.

So that the bamboo halves do not fall off and do not move out, fix them to the wall with masking tape (use only masking tape, it is easily peeled off and leaves no traces).

As soon as the glue grabs, you can remove the scotch tape and call to admire the new frame and the old mirror of your loved ones.

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