DIY - Fencing for flower beds with their own hands

In our time, in shops are widely represented all sorts, protecting designs for flowers. But for the most part, these designs are made of plastic. For lovers of natural materials, we will tell you how with minimal effort you can make an original fence for a bed of pieces of board with your own hands ...

  Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

This fencing for flowers, made of wooden pieces, in its shape and appearance, vaguely resembles a barrel buried in the ground.

The fence is good because with its round shape, it itself is held and does not fall apart on the sides.

How to make a bed with your own hands

Using the example of manufacturing this fence, changing the shape and length of the upper cut of a wooden blank, you can get the look of a neat fence, or a cascading ladder, fantasize, and admire your works in the future.

The necessary tools and material for the manufacture of flower beds

We need the following tool:

  •      Screwdriver

  •      Electric fretsaw

  •      Roulette

  •      Stapler construction and staples

  •      Screwdriver

  •      Galvanized screws

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

We need the following materials:

  •      perforated metal or plain tape

  •      a small piece of pvc tape, or any other waterproofing material

  •      board 15-20 mm thick and 100-150 mm wide

  •      wood antiseptic or paint

Let's start making a fence for a flowerbed, from wood blanks, it is best to use dried wood, it absorbs antiseptic well and is easily processed.

The shape of the blanks can be any; such a shape is chosen in the photo in order to save material.

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

One workpiece goes into another, while saving time on cutting blanks.

Mark up the pencil on the blank board. The length of the workpiece can be any. It all depends on what kind of plants a flowerbed is made of.

In this case, the length of the workpieces is 20 cm.

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

We saw the workpiece using jigsaw.

For convenience and speed saw, use a jig saw (For black sawing wood with a large tooth)

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

On a bed in diameter of about 1 meter, approximately 34 blanks are required with a width of 10 cm each.

With the length of the workpiece is 20 cm. You need 6 meters and 80 cm of the board.

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

When all the workpieces are sawn out, we start processing them with a special wood preservative, this will give them a beautiful look and help the wooden structure to remain in the ground longer.

After processing, the workpiece must be dried, for this they need to be positioned so that they are better ventilated

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

The next stage is the fastening of wooden blanks on the inside with a metal tape.

The tape can be used as simple and perforated, but always galvanized.

Simple tape is cheaper, perforated is more expensive, but it is more convenient to work with it, you do not need to punch holes for screws.

We spread the blanks in one continuous row and fasten the tape to each blank with self-tapping screws with the help of a screwdriver; we place the tape in two rows, top and bottom.

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

After that, it is desirable to nail a strip of roofing material or other insulating material onto the inside of the fence with a stapler, this insulation will protect the inside of the flower bed from dampness and extend the life of your flower garden.

Fence for flowers from wooden cuts DIY

Everything! it remains to connect the fence in a circle, then a flower bed can be installed in the garden and filled with soil for your flowers.

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