NASA has announced a new date for a unique expedition to the moon - the statement of Brydenstein


On Friday, February 16, it became known that the head of NASA, Jim Brydenstein made a statement about the new date of the flight to the moon.

It is worth noting that in 2024 unmanned spacecraft should fly to the Earth satellite, and in 2028 - ships with people.
 In March 2019, the agency planned to send cooperation offers to several spacecraft development companies.

Brydenstein points out that NASA agrees to work with private partners (such as Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, SpaceX and Boeing) and with international agencies. As for the amount of each individual contract, it will be from 300 thousand to 9 million dollars.

Brydenstein stressed that spacecraft for the flight to the moon will be reliable and reusable. They also need to be developed and built in the near future. "It is important that we return to the moon as soon as possible," he says. To realize the planned plan, you need several spacecraft at once: for flights to the station from the Earth and back, for flights from the station to the Moon and to a lower lunar orbit.

Brydenstein emphasizes that NASA will consider different proposals. As a possible alternative - the SpaceX lunar ship, which will carry people to the Moon and back directly, without a transshipment station.

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