Germany wonders why the United States considered its auto industry a threat to national security

German cars - BMW and Mercedes In Germany, responded to the words of the United States, who called the German car industry a threat to national security

 Representatives of the automotive industry in Germany are outraged by the position of Washington, which decided to introduce customs duties on imports of products of the European automotive industry.

As it became known, the German automobile concerns expressed extreme surprise about the "threat to America’s national security", which their cars produced on American territory supposedly represent and providing more than a hundred thousand jobs, reports with reference to

According to the information received, the intention of the United States Department of Commerce to change the classification of imports of automotive products from Europe as a threat to its national security provoked a strong reaction in the European community and the sharp criticism of Washington’s actions that followed. From the point of view of the Association of the German automotive industry, this is an incomprehensible decision.

Not long ago, Angela Merkel, head of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, sharply criticized the White House’s relevant plans during a speech at the Munich Security Conference. Formally, the deadline for presenting evidence to the Washington Department of Commerce has expired on February 17, and the American leader Donald Trump may impose special customs duties for 90 days, the amount of which during recent discussions reached 25%, which, according to the calculations of researchers Germany's exports to the US doubled. 

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