Tsar engine: Roscosmos presented the most powerful motor in the world

The corporation showed a movie about the RD-171MV engine, which will be used in the Irtysh missiles.

rocket engine

The Roscosmos state corporation on its Twitter page presented a three-minute video dedicated to the presentation of the most powerful RD-171MV rocket engine in the world.

Igor Arbuzov, the general director of the enterprise NPO Energomash, who participated in the development, said that the engine's capacity would be 246,000 horsepower with a load of 800 tons. The RD-171MV is planned to be used on Irtysh (Soyuz-5) missiles, the first launches of which are scheduled for 2021.

Soyuz-5 will be used as a side block for the Yenisei super-heavy missiles, their launches are planned for 2028, and the launch pad for such missiles has yet to be built.

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