Eight-year schoolboy from England spent all pocket

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In the UK, a schoolboy spent all his pocket money on buying roses for Valentine's Day for each girl from parallel classes, writes The Mirror.

Callum Drew of the English city of Louth, Lincolnshire, has been in this tradition for four years. For the past few years, he has been working in a flower shop at his grandmother, who was paying her grandson for the help she received. The child always carefully set aside a portion of the money earned.

In 2018, his grandmother died. The boy began to wash cars in his free time to continue to save money for the implementation of his plan. Drew decided in 2019 to give each of the 68 peers at his school one unfading silk rose so that not a single girl “feels lonely” on this holiday.

“I will go around all the classes and give gifts,” Drew tells about his plans. - This tradition is the fourth year. Girls always jump and squeal with happiness. ” The Briton admitted that this is the first Valentine's Day, which he meets with his lover. “I haven’t said anything to her yet, but she, most likely, and so she knows everything, because I do this every year. She always liked my idea, ”added the boy.

Callum's mother Stacy is proud of her son for being attentive to other people's feelings. According to her, at first he gave gifts only to classmates, but over time he decided to please all girls from parallel classes.

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