In France, the collector ran away from 3 million euros. By the evening he was caught

Two collectors in France were shocked when they discovered that the van with the money had disappeared along with the third member of their team...

wads of money, euro The car was soon found nearby, but there was neither the driver nor the 3.4 million euros in the car.

The suspect in the abduction of money 28-year-old Adrian Derbez by the evening was found by the police. Under him was a part of the money missing from the cash collection car. 1.5 million euros still not found.

How did it happen

At about six in the morning on Monday, a team of three collectors was supposed to deliver money to one of the branches of Western Union in the northern suburbs of Paris.

Two collectors went with money to the office, the third was to stay in the car.

“When they returned, there was no car or driver on the street,” a police source told AFP news agency.

White car collection company Loomis was soon discovered a couple of blocks from the place of disappearance. The car door was open, the money was gone.

On Tuesday, the police turned to the witnesses of the incident and published a photo of the suspect.

Thanks to a tip-off, the police succeeded in the evening of the same day to find Adrian Derbez in an apartment in Amiens.

The suspect tried to jump out of the window with a few bags full of money, reports BFMTV.

In this case, detained three more people.

This case is reminiscent of the case of the French driver-collector Tony Musulin, who in November 2009 stole € 11.6 million from a collection vehicle.

Musulin also disappeared with the car. He became a celebrity of French social networks for some time because of a carefully planned and masterfully performed robbery.

Most of the stolen money was soon found in the garage, and Musulin himself surrendered to police in Monaco a few days after the robbery. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

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