Decorative semi thyme shrub

Thyme, dwarf perennial shrub, widely used in landscape design ...

Thyme - Blossom Bloom Violet - Wild Plant

Thyme, from the Greek word "Thymus" which means "Power", also known as Thyme.

Thyme has up to 400 species. Thyme - a short perennial, with fragrant leaves - can be successfully used to create borders and planting in rockeries, as a ground cover culture on poor sandy and sandy soils. It blooms from mid-summer to frost. Old overgrown curtains (beds) in the middle are laid bare, and their decorative effect is reduced. Transplantation of adult plants ends most of their death.

Seed propagation is associated with great hassle. It is enough just to reproduce by dividing the bush. To divide the bush Dig a bush, disassemble the roots and divide the plant into parts. The branches lying on the ground are separated during the entire period of growth; they can be planted at once to a permanent place or set aside separately - for growing.

Thyme can be propagated with green cuttings. Side shoots (3-5 cm long) with a “heel” are separated and planted in a box with a mixture of soil and sand (2: 1) at a depth of 1 cm. The substrate is moistened moderately. Roots are formed in 20-30 days. Then the plants are planted in a permanent place and the first time pritenyatsya. Watering plentiful 1 time in 15-20 days. Some specimens bloom in the 1st year.

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