Terms of use of website  www.newspeak.today

1. Terms of use of website  www.newspeak.today

Website www.tour-planet.com (next – Administration) gives to the users of internet right to use materials posted in the internet on pages of website  www.newspeak.today on condition of abidance of the rules established by the website administration.

Access to the site and further usage attests that website visitor agrees with the established rules of usage of the website (Conditions) and undertakes to follow them. Rules extend on all visitors of the website with no exceptions.

Website administration reserves the right to make changes to the present rules at any time and without any notifications. In order to be aware of the established conditions and legal restrictions, the Administration recommends periodically visiting this page of the site.

Website visitors are in a right of browsing, to transfer to a hard disk and store there information, graphic materials and any other objects posted on pages of the website only for personal purpose for non-commercial purposes with the exception of distribution of information and materials in any forms.

Permission to copy and store materials for non-commercial purposes does not include rights to use copyright objects or any other right on intellectual property belonging to the site  www.newspeak.today or to third parties.

2. Objects of intellectual property

The site contains materials protected by legislation on intellectual property, in particular, laws "On Copyright and Related Rights" and "On Trademarks and Service Marks" and others.

The information and materials posted on the site are the intellectual property of  www.newspeak.today or third parties, including the following

- text content of the Site (content), including the text of Terms;

- trade marks used by  www.newspeak.today.

- other materials and objects.

3.Restrictions on usage of website materials.

The user is FORBIDDEN to:

- Modify the content of the site, what means - in any way, to change the original content and appearance of the materials of the site;

- Issue the materials posted on the site for their own (assign authorship);

- to perform full or partial copying and reproduction of materials posted on the site, without the special permission of the portal administration  www.newspeak.today;

- distribute to the e-mail addresses indicated on this website any illegal, defamatory, obscene, "spam" and other materials information.

4. Rules for the placement of materials and advertisements on the pages of the Internet portal  www.newspeak.today

The administration of a site can accept materials for placing on the pages from the users registered on a site. The administration reserves the full right to choose whether or not to post the given material.

The materials can be placed both on a paid basis and on a free basis, for this it is necessary to send a proposal for placing a material to the postal address of the site, with a detailed proposal. After consideration of your proposal, the administration will respond in a letter on what terms, whether or not this material will be posted.

Applications, questions and suggestions on advertising on the site  www.newspeak.today should be send to the mail address: admin@newspeak.today

5. Responsibility of the parties

The administration of the site  www.newspeak.today guarantees unhindered indexing of the placed materials for search robots.
The materials posted on the portal and the address of the active link remain unchanged throughout the entire existence of the site. Changing the address of links in the materials after posting on the portal is not possible

The administration of the site is not responsible to the owners of copyright, if it turns out that the content placed by third parties on the pages of the site is borrowed from other Internet resources, printed publications or other sources.

If the administration finds that the content provided by the user is borrowed or a complaint about the illegal use of someone else's content is received, after the verification and establishment of the fact of borrowing or other unlawful use, within the timeframes specified by the legislation of the Russian Federation (up to 30 days) this material will be immediately deleted from the pages of the site, and the money for posting the material to the user will not be returned.

We draw your attention to the fact that the information posted on this Internet site, are of an exclusively informative nature and cannot be regarded as a public offer, determined provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

The User expressly agrees that he uses the information of the Portal at his own risk

The Administration of the Portal is not responsible for:

- for the consequences of the use, use or non-use of information received on the portal;

- for the possible inconsistency of the results obtained with the use of the Portal materials, contrary to the expectations of the User.

- All materials posted on the site are purely informative and do not pretend to the concept of basic documents

- For posted materials taken from advertisers, their relevance to the facts and any inaccuracies caused in the future for the reader temporary, material or moral costs.

5. Rules for commenting on materials and behavior on the portal  www.newspeak.today

The official language of communication on the site is English

Illiterate messages will be deleted.

Comments carrying advertising of any products, brands, Internet sites and other resources located on the Internet will be deleted.
Swearing and insults are prohibited.

Messages that violate human laws and laws of the Russian Federation are going to be deleted.

Messages about freebies and "earnings on the Internet" are going to deleted

6. Responsibility of the site user.

Any unauthorized use the materials of this website by a user will be construed as an indirect, intentional or any other appropriation and / or infringement of exclusive rights to the trademark or copyright assignment of  www.newspeak.today or a third party. In the event of violation of these Terms and Conditions, the user is liable in accordance with the law.

7. Reservations about a responsibility of the website administration.

The administration of the site tries to provide users with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

However, the site administration does not give a full guarantee regarding the absolute accuracy of the information contained on the site, or accessible through the site, due to the scale of such information. The user has the right and the duty to verify any information in order to fully rely on it.

the administration of the site is also not responsible for any losses incurred by the user, including as a result of actions taken by him in connection with the use of the site and information available through this site. Responsibility for the decisions made, based on the information contained on the site, is the sole responsibility of the user.

the administration of the site is not liable to the user or any other person for interruptions in the functioning of the site, computer viruses or failures in communication systems, as well as for any harm caused as a result, because these circumstances and events are not under the control of the site administration.

8. Links to other Internet resources

Links to third-party Internet resources are indicated for convenience of use only.

The administration of the site does not control the content of sites, links to which are indicated on this website. The fact of linking to such Internet sites does not imply endorsement by the administration of the site of their content, including the advertising information placed on them.

The administration of the site does not bear any financial or legal responsibility in connection with the visit of Internet sites of third parties, including, for example, financial or legal responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information, data, opinions, recommendations or statements submitted on the Internet- websites of third parties.

9. Confidentiality of information

The administration of the site respects the right of visitors to the confidentiality of the information transmitted by them and undertakes not to pass on any information about visitors to the third parties without their prior consent and use the information received only to improve the efficiency of servicing visitors of the site.

10. Law and Jurisdiction

By visiting this Site, the user agrees that all questions concerning access to or use of the Site will be governed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

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