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The US is preparing for a state of emergency - Trump will announce it today

Donald Trump

In connection with the outbreak of the humanitarian crisis on the border with Mexico on February 15, Donald Trump will declare a state of emergency. Its main goal is to get $ 5.8 billion required for the construction of the wall along the Mexican border. At the same time, the state of emergency will give it not only access to additional funds, but also provide special powers. Trump's decision has already been confirmed at the White House.

The US Senate on the eve passed a bill on state funding, which Trump is obliged to sign on Friday, February 15. At the time of signing the president and declare a state of emergency.

"President Trump will declare a state of emergency in the country to restore national security and stop the humanitarian crisis at the border," said Sarah Sanders, spokeswoman for the White House.

In the event of an emergency, Trump will be able to use defense funds to finance the construction of a long-suffering wall, which in theory should protect the country from Mexican illegal immigrants, without requiring Congress approval for its construction. PE will give him the opportunity to transfer money to the project from other budget items. But the money that Trump can “milk” for the wall is not enough: of the required 5.8 billion dollars, only 1.3 billion dollars can be scrapeled up.

Some experts, however, say that this adventure is in no way connected with the humanitarian crisis, but has a purely political implication. Speaking this morning at, Dr. David Smith of the United States Research Center said that Trump is desperately trying to increase the support of his conservative electorate before the next election.

"The reason why Trump brewed this mess is that he is desperately trying to convince his potential voters that with the help of this wall he cares about their security," he said.

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