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Stupidity: The cause of the monstrous explosion at the railway station in Cairo has become known

As a result of the tragedy in the capital of Egypt killed 28 people.

explosion at the train station in Cairo

The altercation between the two machinists caused the tragedy at the railway station in Cairo, in which 28 people died.

According to Egyptian Attorney General Nabil Sadeq, locomotive drivers did not share the ways and left the cabins to sort things out. However, one of them forgot to block the locomotive. As a result, the locomotive began to move and crashed at full speed into the bump stop. After a few seconds, the fuel tanks exploded.

Also, the explosion suffered more than 50 people. Russians are not among them.

In social networks, local residents began to accuse the driver of stupidity and disorder, which killed innocent people.

Earlier, Channel Five published footage from the scene of the tragedy, which shows how people burning alive alive are trying to extinguish the flames. After the incident, the Minister of Transport of the country Mustafa Madbuli resigned.

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