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Cyclone "Eberhard"

Elemental power reaches a maximum level of 12 points.

cyclone, natural disaster
The storm warning was announced at once in several European countries, the Eberhard cyclone is raging there, its power - 12 points - is the maximum level. Gusts of wind reach 120 kilometers per hour, the hurricane demolishes everything in its path. In several parts of Germany, houses were destroyed, transport links were interrupted, and power lines were cut off. Dozens of people suffered. At least one person died.

Not easier the situation in neighboring Poland. There, almost 150 thousand people were left without electricity from the hurricane wind. With 15 residential buildings blown off the roof. A woman suffered from the weather - a tree fell on her.

In the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine, a 12-year-old girl died under a tree torn from the ground by a hurricane wind. On the eve of the squally wind passed through Lviv. Dozens of houses are de-energized, and city streets are blocked by trees torn from the roots and fallen billboards.

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