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Prohibition of abortions in South Korea declared unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of South Korea has concluded that the current regulation of abortion is contrary to the basic law of the country, reports the agency “Yonhap” on Thursday.

The court called for amendments to the current legislation and partially allow early termination of pregnancy.

“Yanhap” reports that such a position of the Constitutional Court indicates significant changes in South Korean society, which previously had a conservative attitude to the problem of abortion.

South Korean authorities criminalized abortion in 1953: in accordance with the law, termination of pregnancy was prohibited in all cases. In 1973, the law was amended according to which termination of pregnancy was permitted in the case of infections, gene diseases, rape, incest, as well as in some other cases, if the pregnancy threatened the woman’s health.

Responsibility for violating the abortion law is now borne by both the women themselves and the medical staff who conduct the abortion. For violation of the law, depending on the severity of the crime, a fine or prison sentence has been established.

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