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Switzerland offered hackers 50 thousand dollars for hacking their voting system

Hacker Internet Technology Computers Switzerland offered hackers, including Russian ones, to crack the test system of their electronic voting system and promised for a successful hack a reward of 50 thousand francs (about $ 50 thousand).

This was told by the official representative of the Swiss Federal Chancellery René Lentsin. According to him, this stress test for hacking an electronic system is necessary for security checks. The remuneration will be paid to those who succeed more successfully than others, namely, they will be able to change the results of the voting imperceptibly, RIA Novosti reports.

In addition, for violating the secrecy of voting, participants will be paid 10 thousand francs, and 5 thousand francs will cost to break into an electronic ballot box. The system has been used since 2004 and is now used in 10 cantons of 26. To officially implement it, you need to obtain a security certificate and disclose the code.

More than 1770 participants have already registered for participation. About 27% of participants are from Switzerland, almost 15% are from France, and 6% are hackers from the United States. The test will last from February 25 to March 24. Participants can become not only hacker groups, but also loners.

Registration is required for everyone, including the need to specify the e-mail and country, but you can not disclose your real name. In August last year, 11-year-old American schoolboy Emmett Brewer hacked an exact copy of the US electoral system site and was able to change the results of elections in the state of Florida.

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